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Upcoming Halo Infinite update fixes weapon jamming, skill jumps, and more

Halo Infinite players eager to see fixes and improvements to the game following a rocky season two launch can rejoice. Halo developer 343 Industries announced today that an upcoming update will be addressing many of the most pressing issues. A specific time window for the update’s arrival has yet to be given, but community manager John “Unyshek” Junyszek detailed all the changes players can expect to see when it goes live.

A persistent bug since the release of Lone Wolves has seen a variety of weapons in the sandbox sporadically jamming mid-gunfight. This was an unexpected side-effect of a fix for a rapid-fire exploit, and while the developers have identified the root cause of the weapon-jamming issue, the upcoming update will simply revert the change temporarily to get the fix into players’ hands quicker. The bug had caused significant problems for Halo Infinite‘s competitive scene, which will be glad to see it addressed before the HCS Pro Series restarts at the end of the month.

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The launch of season two also saw a number of significant changes made to map traversal and the “curb slide” tech employed by players of higher skill, with the aim of making multiplayer action more readable for the casual audience. This involved the removal of many popular skill jumps, with small slivers of geometry players could previously bounce off or stand on smoothed away. After an overwhelmingly negative reception to these changes on social media, Unyshek announced many of the changes will be reverted. Popular skill jumps on Live Fire, Bazaar, Aquarius, and Streets have all been reinstated, with Aquarius’ given a few tweaks to be more predictable and consistent.

Unyshek did, however, state the conversation around jumps like this and the cost vs. benefits of the more prolific ones would be ongoing.

“We do our best to analyze the trade-offs of different strategies, the movement of players through the levels and the cost or ‘friction’ of traversal in different combat scenarios,” he said in the update blog. “In conjunction we strive to create environments that offer a fine-tuned risk and reward experience and clearly communicate the movement opportunities in the combat space.”

The weapon jamming and skill jumps were the two major areas the update blog focused on, but additional improvements and updates are also coming with Halo Infinite‘s first season two patch. This includes stability improvements on PC, being able to disable speed lines again, model updates for the Rakshasa armor core, and the return of the infamous tank gun to the campaign.

Unyshek said the team needs to take a few extra steps with the update before it can be released out into the wild, but more information on the specific date for this patch will come in the next few days.

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