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Pokémon UNITE to add Trevenant to champion pool

Trevenant, a Ghost/Grass-type Pokémon from Generation VI, will soon be available in Pokémon UNITE, The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studio revealed today.

The upcoming addition to Pokémon UNITE’s champion pool will be a Defender, a type that usually tanks damage for the team while providing some sort of crowd control in team fights. Trevenant’s UNITE license will be available starting on Jan. 20, making him the 30th playable Pokémon in the MOBA game and the seventh Defender.

It’s currently unclear how much Aeos Coins Trevenant’s UNITE license will cost, but most of the game’s new Pokémon cost 10,000. It’s unlikely that he’ll be available for free via an in-game event since the Holidays event is just about to end.

In Trevenant’s announcement video, the devs showcased a portion of his moveset. He seems to be a Melee-type Defender that has moves capable of stunning opponents and pushing them around. Depending on the damage output he produces, Trevenant can become a solid option for those who enjoy playing as Defender. By looking at the footage, the UNITE move is focused on dealing damage rather than providing crowd control.

The reveal of Trevenant comes as a surprise to the Pokémon UNITE community. Players were expecting the next addition to be a Speedster, specifically Blaziken. There are only four Speedsters available in champion pool at the moment and the game doesn’t necessarily need more Defenders.

More details about Trevenant should be revealed over the coming days.

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