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IEM Katowice 2022: Scores, bracket, schedule

IEM Katowice, one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments of 2022, is set to kick off soon.

Twenty-four Counter-Strike teams have traveled to Katowice, Poland to fight for their share of the $1 million prize pool. Sixteen of them, though, will be attending the play-in stage on Feb. 15 and 16, and only half of them will progress to the main stage, which will run from Feb. 17 to 27.

Some of the best CS:GO teams in the world, such as Natus Vincere, Gambit, Vitality, and G2, will be at IEM Katowice, which by itself should be more than enough to convince you to follow the action if you’re into Counter-Strike. This prestigious tournament will also feature a huge live audience as soon as the playoffs begin. The last time fans were able to follow the action live from the Spodek Arena was 2019.

Here’s all the information you’ll need to keep up with the action at IEM Katowice 2022, including a full team list, the brackets, and scores.

Participating teams Play-in teams Ninjas in Pyjamas (advanced to main event)Astralis (advanced to main event)FaZe Clan (advanced to main event)Fnatic (advanced to main event)OG (advanced to main event)Copenhagen Flames (advanced to main event)ENCE (advanced to main event)MOUZ (advanced to main event)EntropiqBIGGODSENTMovistar RidersSproutRenegadesMIBRWisła Kraków Directly qualified teams Natus VincereGambitVitalityG2Virtus ProHeroicTeam LiquidFURIA Bracket Main event bracket Screengrab via Liquipedia Play-In bracket Screengrab via Liquipedia Schedule and scores All times are CT and susceptible to delays.

Tuesday, Feb. 15 4am CT: NiP 16-12 Wisła Kraków (Ancient)4am CT: CPH Flames 16-7 Fnatic (Overpass)4am CT: MOUZ 16-8 GODSENT (Nuke)5:15am CT: FaZe 16-12 (Overpass)5:40am CT: OG 19-16 Renegades (Mirage)5:40am CT: ENCE 16-9 Entropiq (Overpass)6:30am CT: BIG 16-13 Movistar Riders (Nuke)7:20am CT: Astralis 16-11 MIBR (Nuke)7:45am CT: CPH Flames 2-0 NiP (CPH Flames 16-3 on Nuke, CPH Flames 16-12 on Mirage)9am CT: Fnatic 2-0 Wisła Kraków (FNC 16-4 on Nuke, FNC 16-12 Inferno)9am CT: FaZe 2-1 MOUZ (MOUZ 16-7 Nuke, FaZe 16-10 Inferno, FaZe 16-14 Mirage)11:15am CT: Astralis 2-1 BIG (AST 16-9 Ancient, BIG 16-5 Dust II, AST 16-13 Overpass)12:45pm CT: OG 2-0 ENCE (OG 16-10 Mirage, OG 16-9 Ancient)12:45pm CT: GODSENT 2-0 Sprout (GODS 16-12 Vertigo, GODS 16-9 Inferno) Wednesday, Feb. 16 5:30am CT: Entropiq 2-0 Renegades (Entropiq 16-6 on Nuke, Entropiq 16-5 on Ancient)5:30am CT: Movistar Riders 2-0 MIBR (Movistar Riders 16-10 on Ancient, Movistar Riders 16-8 Inferno)9am CT: Fnatic 2-1 BIG (Fnatic 19-17 on Ancient, BIG 16-13 on Vertigo, Fnatic 16-8 on Overpass)9am CT: ENCE 2-1 GODSENT (ENCE 16-5 on Nuke, GODS 22-19 Ancient, ENCE 16-11 on Mirage)12:30pm CT: NiP 2-0 Movistar Riders (NiP 16-9 Vertigo, NiP 16-6 Overpass)12:30pm CT: MOUZ 2-0 Entropiq (MOUZ 16-14 Vertigo, MOUZ 16-6 Ancient) Thursday, Feb. 17 5:30am CT: VP 2-0 CPH Flames (VP 16-9 on Vertigo, VP 16-10 on Inferno)5:30am CT: Heroic 2-1 OG (OG 16-14 on Ancient, Heroic 16-12 on Overpass, Heroic 16-13 on Inferno)9am CT: NiP 2-1 Gambit (NiP 16-13 on Ancient, Gambit 16-11 on Vertigo, Gambit 16-11 on Overpass)9am CT: Vitality 2-1 MOUZ (Vitality 22-19 on Vertigo, MOUZ 19-17 on Inferno, Vitality 16-10 on Nuke)12:30pm CT: Liquid vs. FaZe12:30pm CT: FURIA vs. Astralis (LIVE on Overpass) Friday, Feb. 18 5:30am CT: NAVI vs. ENCE5:30am CT: G2 vs. Fnatic9am CT: Group A upper bracket round two match one9am CT: Group A lower bracket round one match one12:30pm CT: Group Aupper bracket round two match two12:30pm CT: Group A lower bracket round one match two

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