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How to get a Founders Badge on Twitch

Badges on Twitch are one of the ways that chatters can create a sense of identity among other community members in a given channel—and perhaps the rarest of those is the Founders Badge.

The white image of the number one (1st) is surrounded by a border that is Twitch’s iconic violet color. It signifies that an individual in the chat is among the first people to support a given channel.

Image via Twitch.tv This badge is extremely exclusive and you can only get it early in the life of a channel. For Affiliate channels, the first 10 people to ever subscribe to a channel will get the Founders Badge in that channel. For Partners, the first 25 subscribers will get the honor of having the badge.

Viewers can get the badge regardless of whether they subscribe with a Prime Gaming subscription or a traditionally paid for subscription. The only thing that matters is that you’re among the first viewers to subscribe to the channel.

So if you’re looking to get a Founders Badge for an already established channel, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Channels of popular streamers like Ninja, xQc, HasanAbi, and Pokimane have had their “Founders” established for years and no other viewers will be able to get that badge in those channels.

The only way to get a Founders Badge on Twitch will be to find a newer content creator and be among the first to support them. At that point, you’ll get a Founders Badge, but it will only be visible when you’re in that specific channel.

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