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ESL Pro League season 15: Scores, bracket, schedule

ESL Pro League is back on LAN in its 15th edition after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 24 teams in attendance have been split into four groups of six each and only half will make it into the playoffs.

The group stage kicks off with Group A on March 9 and will finish with Group D on April 3. The group stage will use a round-robin best-of-three format, meaning that every team will face each other. The group winners will earn a spot in the quarterfinals, while the runners-up and third-placed of each group advance to the Round of 12.

ESL Pro League season 15 is offering an $823,000 prize pool and fans see some of the best CS:GO teams in the world such as Natus Vincere, G2, Heroic, and FaZe Clan fight for it in ESL’s studio in Düsseldorf, Germany. There are no plans for a live audience during the playoffs.

Here’s all the information you need to keep up to date with ESL Pro League season 15.

Teams Group A G2Ninjas in PyjamasEntropiqMOUZFnaticLooking for Org Group B VitalityOutsiders (Virtus Pro’s players)FaZe ClanFURIAENCESprout Group C Players (Gambit’s players)Team LiquidGODSENTBIGMovistar RidersParty Astronauts Group D Natus VincereHeroicAstralisEvil GeniusesComplexityAGO Group stage standings Screengrab via Liquipedia Schedule and scores All times are in CT and are susceptible to delays.

Wednesday, March 16 6:30am: Vitality 2-0 Sprout (Vitality 16-7 on Dust II, Vitality 22-20 on Inferno)10am: FaZe 1-1 ENCE (FaZe 16-13 on Nuke, ENCE 16-7 on Dust II, LIVE on Overpass)1:30pm: FURIA vs. Outsiders Sunday, March 13 12:30pm: G2 2-0 NiP (G2 16-14 on Vertigo, G2 16-10 on Inferno)12:30pm: Entropiq 2-0 Fnatic (Entropiq 16-13 on Overpass, Entropiq 16-13 on Vertigo)12:30pm: MOUZ 2-0 LFO (MOUZ 16-6 on Dust II, MOUZ 16-12 on LFO) Saturday, March 12 5:30am CT: NiP 2-1 LFO (NiP 16-7 on Nuke, LFO 16-14 on Overpass, NiP 16-5 on Ancient)9am: Fnatic 2-1 MOUZ (MOUZ 16-9 Fnatic, Fnatic 16-10 on Inferno, Fnatic 16-8 on Mirage)12:30pm: Entropiq 2-1 G2 (G2 22-20 on Vertigo, Entropiq 19-17 on Dust II, Entropiq 16-13 on Nuke) Friday, March 11 5:30am: NiP 2-1 MOUZ (NiP 16-10 on Inferno, MOUZ 19-16 on Vertigo, NiP 16-11 on Mirage)9am: Entropiq 2-0 LFO (Entropiq 16-7 on Dust II, Entropiq 16-9 on Ancient)12:30pm: Fnatic 2-1 G2 (G2 16-14 on Inferno, Fnatic 16-2 Dust II, Fnatic 16-7 Mirage) Thursday, March 10 5:30am: MOUZ 2-0 G2 (MOUZ 16-12 on Nuke, MOUZ 19-17 on Mirage)9am: NiP 2-0 Entropiq (NiP 16-5 on Nuke, NiP 16-11 on Overpass)12:30pm: Fnatic 2-1 LFO (LFO 16-13 on Dust II, Fnatic 16-8 on Inferno, Fnatic 16-7 on Overpass) Wednesday, March 9 5:30am: G2 2-0 LFO (G2 16-5 on Dust II, G2 16-12 on Inferno)9am: Entropiq 2-0 MOUZ (Entropiq 16-13 on Dust II, Entropiq 16-10 on Mirage)12:30pm: NiP 2-0 Fnatic (NiP 16-5 on Mirage, NiP 16-6 on Vertigo) This article will be updated until ESL Pro League season 15 concludes on Sunday, April 10.

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