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Compare and bet on the highest odds with Bookielink

Winning is better when you bet on the highest odds

If you have not yet heard of Bookielink and you are into the sports betting and trading genre then you would loke this.
Bookielink connects several big bookmakers and compares the odds from the same interface, this way you are allowed to compare, select and bet on the highest odds at any time on any match offered by multiple bookmakers, so why would you settle with less?

Comparing odds have never been easier and with the Bookielink Pro platform you can do so simple and easy at any time while you save time.
Use the odds calculation tool, arbitrage tool and other useful tools they offer in order to make your betting experience even better.
Bookielink is an authorized partner of plenty of the world’s best bookmakers and betting exchanges.
They are able to offer our customers global liquidity, at compare-the-market-best prices, with just one click.

Based on more 10 years of industry experience, Bookielink’s Team of experts offers consulting in the following areas: Financing, Target markets, compliance, Licensing, Company forms / structures Company strategy, Technical implementation Our customers are our partners and our goal is to support you in all phases of your company’s needs.

Bookielink offers a number of opportunities for both new and existing bookmaker agents and affiliates to collaborate with us, earning guaranteed or flexible revenues from your clients Bookielink’s agent network is a critical aspect of its success. If you are currently an account agent with a client base looking for an innovative suite of products then reach out to us to discuss how we can increase your earning potential through a partnership.

Agent scheme is consisted of three (3) levels:

Level 1: Super Master Agent

Level 2: Master Agent

Level 3: Agent

Super Master Agents may only carry out financial transactions with the Bookmaker directly. Each agent is able to create agent accounts of the next level in the agent hierarchy, which means:

Super Master Agents can only create Master Agent accounts. Master Agents can only open Agent accounts and Agents may only create Player accounts. However, every Super Master Agent also has a Master Agent account as well as an Agent account, so they may also create player accounts. Bookielink can help you become an Agent if you are interested in maximizing your earnings through Bookeilink and Bookies.

The earnings model for agents is as follows: the bookmaker takes a commission on wagers and gives the ability to take up to a certain percentage of risk on bets to Super Master Agents. Of course, the Super Master Agent must make a “risk deposit” at the betting office, to guarantee the payment of winnings from bets. The Super Master Agent can then pass on a specific part of his commissions as well as the ability to assume risk on bets to his Master Agent and the Master Agent can do so for Agents.

It works the same way with account balances:

Bookmakers only work directly with Super Master Agents. This means that Super Master Agents transfer a certain amount of money to bookies and receive that amount of money as an account balance. The Super Master Agent can then divide this balance among his Master Agents and they then divide their share among their Agents. At the end of the chain, Agents can recruit players and issue them betting accounts.

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