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Asmongold explains why he’s not playing Final Fantasy XIV

Asmongold turned a lot of heads last summer by diving into the world of Final Fantasy XIV. But since his return from a few months’ worth of a Twitch hiatus, the content creator hasn’t touched the game.

After coming back to streaming in February, Asmongold has spent 199 hours of airtime playing Lost Ark following its Western release and he’s dabbled in FromSoftware’s new open world RPG Elden Ring, playing the game for 74 hours on stream, according to SullyGnome.

Outside of playing those two games extensively, Asmon has been in the Just Chatting category for 99 hours and spent just over 10 hours playing WoW and New World combined.

Yesterday, Twitch’s top MMO content creator explained his decision-making process in refraining from playing FFXIV, even though he had some of the best viewership he’s ever gotten on the platform last summer when he tried out the game for the first time.

“Imagine how much fun you would have playing World of Warcraft if you couldn’t level past 35,” Asmongold said. “Imagine how pissed off you would be if the only thing you could do was Ulduar. That’s what it is. I can’t play the rest of the fucking game because I gotta do the MSQ (Main Scenario Quests) on stream.”

It’s difficult to judge Asmon for momentarily ditching the game, though. The streamer’s return from a long break in February coincided with the release of Lost Ark to the Western world, giving him a vast amount of fresh content to chew through with his audience. And shortly after, the release of Elden Ring served a similar role.

While some fans on Reddit expressed concerns that he would never go back to FFXIV, Asmongold shrugged off the notion that he has quit the game forever. But he doesn’t seem to plan on returning particularly soon.

“I’ll come back to the game whenever I come back to the game,” he said. “If people don’t believe that, it is what it is. I’ll see you whenever I come back. … I’m going to play the game whenever I run out of shit to do in other games.”

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