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Altenabet Betting Software climbs in popularity

Betting Software from Altenabet hits the charts of popularity

If you are following the gambling trends and news there would be no way you allready heard about the latest Betting Software platform released by Altenabet.

Altenabet claims to have the best platform available at resonable cost, whilst other providers would offer clients an advanced white label platform that also means you will be running under someone elses license and all your players will be owned by this operator, not you, 
Well now you can have your very self hosted and owned full source code betting software platform from Altenabet around same cost and you will be the operator itself without any 3:rd party that requires commissions, monthly fees and you would be able to create your own multi website brand or resell white labels on your own with this ready to go setup.

Long story short, the Matrix Betting Software from Altenabet have over 140 external api providers integrated from start along with crypto payment gateways, local & standard payment methods and you can move funds, manage players, commissions, bonus and everything you want using this fully dynamic platform and the best part would be, NO monthly fees or 3:rd party revenue split.

Simply add valid API keys from the providers you want to activate and you are live, ready to take bets under your own brand with your own full control.

Other betting software operators have been critical when Altenabet released the rates and purchase prices simply because Altenabet cuts down the setup & purchase price big time, up to 50% and just in time for the ICE totally gambling convention in London 2022.


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