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10 best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited White Common and Uncommon cards

The color White in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty contains a large number of Common and Uncommon-rarity cards worth playing in the Magic: The Gathering Limited format. 

There are a number of exciting and unique Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) Limited archetypes. The color White slots into four of the possible 10 and can get splashed in other archetypes like Blue/Black rogues/ninjas or Red/Green Modifications matter builds. 

Blue and White (UW): VehiclesGreen and White (GW): Enchantments matterWhite and Black (WB): Artifacts and Enchantments matterRed and White (RW): Warriors and samurais attack Potentially becoming one of the best NEO Commons in White is Imperial Oath, synergizing with the RW archetype. Providing modal value as a one-drop Instant is Light the Way. And the Enchantment Born to Drive has the potential to scale nicely within the UW archetype while having the option to create a pilot token via the MTG mechanic Channel. 

Other honorable mentions include the saga Michiko’s Reign of Truth, the shrine Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose, Golden-Tail Disciple with Lifelink on a Common, Mothrider Patrol as a solid one-drop that can tap creatures later in a game, and Norika Yamazaki, the Poet as a samurai with Vigilance.

From loyal dogs and a fox ninja to samurai and Enchantments, here are the 10 best NEO Common and Uncommon MTG cards in the color White. 

Spirited Companion Spirited Companion Synergizing with the GW and WB archetypes, Spirited Companion is a solid Draft pick in any deck playing or splashing the MTG color White. The loyal dog’s stats aren’t the best but it does draw a card for only two mana. Card advantage is huge within the Limited format, especially when it only costs two mana and comes with a creature that can chump block in the color White. 

Touch the Spirit Realm Touch the Spirit Realm Touch the Spirit Realm is an Enchantment with a CMC of 2W. Cards that exile a threat have performed well in the past. But Touch the Spirit Realm is an upgrade over those previously seen Enchantments thanks to the NEO Channel mechanic. Most players will use the first mode more often than the second, but there are some spicy lines available should they choose to Channel Touch the Spirit Realm. 

Eiganjo Exemplar Eiganjo Exemplar Eiganjo Exemplar is a top Draft pick in the RW Warriors and samurais archetype. The Enchantment creature has a rarity of Common, making multiple copies in a Limited build a good possibility. Eiganjo Exemplar synergizes with other powerful White warriors/samurais like Imperial Subduer and Norika Yamazaki, the Poet. And the human samurai’s ability applies to itself should a player choose to attack with Eiganjo Exemplar on turn three. 

Selfless Samurai Selfless Samurai Also supporting the Red and White NEO archetype is Selfless Samurai. The two-drop can provide Lifelink to warriors and samurais that attack alone or sacrifice itself to provide Indestructible to another creature until the end of a turn. Lifelink, much like card draw, provides a bunch of value within the MTG Limited format, and a creature gaining Indestructible can easily swing the advantage of a game.

Hotshot Mechanic Hotshot Mechanic Supporting the UW vehicles archetype is Hotshot Mechanic. The fox pilot stands out as a one-drop 2/1 Artifact creature that can slot into the WB archetype as a solid early-game creature. And as a bonus, it crews vehicles as though its power were two greater, synergizing with the Blue and White NEO archetype. 

Banishing Slash Banishing Slash Banishing Slash is a Mono-White Sorcery speed spell that can destroy any tapped Artifact, Enchantment, or creature. Costing two White mana and having Sorcery speed is a slight downside, along with the specifications required to enact its second ability. Getting a 2/2 token with Vigilance while taking out a threat that was tapped for only two mana makes it worth grabbing Banishing Slash, though, especially when building a Black and White NEO Limited build. 

Blade-Blizzard Kitsune Blade-Blizzard Kitsune Blade-Blizzard Kitsune is a three-drop 2/2 ninja that has Double Strike and Ninjutsu. Players can splash it into the UB rogues/ninjas NEO archetype. But the fox ninja has a ton of potential within the UW archetype via evasive vehicles and creatures like High-Speed Hoverbike, Dragonfly Suit, and Mothrider Patrol. Blade-Blizzard Kitsune can also sneak in for a Double Strike attack in the WB archetype via Inkrise Infiltrator, Gravelighter, and Searchlight Companion. 

Sunblade Samurai Sunblade Samurai Hardly a pack one first pick in NEO Draft, Sunblade Samurai is a solid mid-pack pick that can slot into any of the MTG Limited archetypes running the color White. The human samurai has 4/4 base stats and Vigilance, providing decent value during the later stages of a game as a five-drop. During the early game, Sunblade Samurai has amazing value via Channel—able to search up a basic Plains land card while also providing two life, potentially allowing players to cut a land in their overall NEO Limited build.  

Befriending the Moths/Imperial Moth saga

A majority of NEO Dual-Faced sagas are either too slow or lack an overall value. Befriending the Moths bucks that trend by pumping creatures with +1/+1 stats and Flying until the end of turn via chapters one and two. The value continues via chapter three with Imperial Moth, a flyer with four toughness that can block most Flying creatures an opponent might have. Befriending the Moths slots nicely into the RW archetype and has synergy with Blade-Blizzard Kitsune.

Intercessor’s Arrest Intercessor’s Arrest Synergizing with the GW and WB archetypes and any build running the color White, Intercessor’s Arrest is an upgraded Pacifism. It prevents permanents from attacking or blocking, while also preventing that permanent from crewing a vehicle. Intercessor’s Arrest also prevents abilities from getting activated unless they’re mana abilities, a solid ability within the NEO Limited format. 

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